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Jersey City Council advances plan to significantly increase affordability at Bayfront

After Jersey City Together's push in 2017 and early 2018 to maximize affordability on the 95-acre Bayfront site, Mayor Fulop and the City of Jersey City advanced a plan that they expect can ensure 30-35% of units on the site are affordable at a mix of incomes. If implemented, this would have the potential to produce 1,400 units of affordable housing (compared to the original plan which only required 200 on site out of 4,000).

The city's proposal -- for Jersey City to purchase the 95-acre site from Honeywell -- went before the City Council this week (after a public hearing the week before). The vote was 6-1-1 and took place just before midnight at Wednesday's city council meeting. The vote was a pulse point before the City of Jersey City begins negotiations with Honeywell for the purchase. 

Background below:

Article about the launch of Jersey City Together's campaign in June 2017:

Article about October action around this question:

Article about City Council candidates' commitment to this vision:

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