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Morris AREA

In response to COVID-19, Morris Area NJ Together leaders, the Morris Area Clergy Council, Wind of the Spirit, and our allies at Cornerstone Family Programs & Morristown Neighborhood House have been working to address rent insecurity in Morris County. 

As part of this work and with the help of the Community Foundation of New Jersey, we have set up a rent relief fund that is hosted by Cornerstone Family Programs & Morristown Neighborhood House. (More about Cornerstone Family Programs & Morristown Neighborhood House here.)

You can donate directly to that fund here:

Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 7.30.02 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-04-29 at 7.46.42 PM.png

The fund is for residents of Morris County, regardless of citizenship status. It will offer a portion of the rent needed & will prioritize those in greatest need. Individuals will need to show loss of income & payments will be made directly to the landlord.

All funds donated will directly support families in need. We have committed to securing the costs of any administrative fees, etc., incurred from foundations or other sources.

Wind of the Spirit will take the lead on intake for applications and it will be supported by Cornerstone Family Programs & Morristown Neighborhood House.


An application is available here.


You can contact Wind of the Spirit at, with more contact information available on their website.


If you would like to support any administrative costs, please email

Cornerstone Family Programs and Morristown Neighborhood House provide much-needed help to over 6,000 children, families, adults, veterans and seniors each year. We have a shared mission of strengthening the community by helping people build better lives.  We believe that everyone deserves a chance for a happy, healthy and productive life.


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