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Morris area together

In 2018, religious congregations and non-profits in the Morris Area began to discuss what it would mean to organize across lines of difference. This work accelerated in 2019, and faith & non-profit leaders conducted a listening campaign in 2020.

In May 2021, we launched Morris Area Together with 600+ leaders present. 

Our work to date

Since our the beginning of our organizing work, Morris Area Together leaders have been active in addressing issues, listening, and conducting research. Some of the initial progress includes:

Strategy Team

Member institutions

Brookside Community Church, Mendham

Morris Habitat for Humanity 

Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Morristown United Methodist Church

New Life Recovery and Reentry

Presbyterian Church in Morristown

St. Mark Lutheran Church, Morristown

St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Morristown 

Temple B'nai Or, Morristown

Rev. Nicolette Siragusa, Brookside

Blair Schleicher Wilson, CEO Habitat For Humanity

Jack Scharf, Morristown UMC

Cherry Tom, Morristown UMC

Rev. Luana Cook Scott, Morristown UMC

Rev. Galindo King, New Life Recovery

Marnie Kaller, PCM

Vernon Verhoef, PCM

Rev. Daniel Vigilante, PCM

Rev. Anne Thatcher, St. Peter's Morristown

The Mother Elizabeth Eivell,  St. Peter's Morristown

Rabbi Michael Satz, Temple B'Nai Or

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