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On March 16th, Jersey City Together & New Jersey Together launched a campaign to address issues related to criminal justice & mass incarceration. This took place after our team listened to more than 500 people who were directly impacted the issue -- in our congregations, through local non-profits and parents' groups, and on the streets.

We heard repeated themes, and conducted further research to identify the scale of the need. Conservatively, more than 50,000 current Jersey City residents have spent time in jail or prison. Across New Jersey, that number is more than 1 million.

As we listened, we heard how issues related to criminal justice and mass incarceration have built a wall that holds back whole communities -- particularly communities of color and low-income communities -- in Jersey City & across New Jersey.

And while there has been progress, it is far from enough.

This wall has been constructed brick by brick by politicians and corporations with power. If we're going to dismantle it, we're going to have to build a different kind of power, to find allies across the state, and to work strategically -- brick by brick -- to dismantle a system of injustice.

To begin our work, we have identified 3 simple actions that could be taken by judges & state officials now that would benefit tens of thousands of New Jerseyans. Check back soon for details. 

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