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New Jersey together

NEW JERSEY TOGETHER (NJT), an affiliate of the Industrial Areas Foundation, is the umbrella organization made up of three independent, non-partisan, citizens power organizations – Jersey City Together, Essex Together, and Morris Area Together.  Each organization has its own strategy team, its own dues base, and its own agenda of issues.  Exploratory work is now occurring in Bergen County, and NJT welcomes interest from other counties and cities in the state.

NEW JERSEY TOGETHER serves two purposes.  One is to provide shared administrative support for the three organizations – coordinating accounting, auditing, fundraising, and communications.  The second is to serve as a platform when the three organizations work on a regional or statewide basis on a common issue.

Most of the action occurs on the local level, generated and led by local leaders, supported by professional organizers who are supervised by a senior Industrial Areas Foundation organizer, with the impact felt in Jersey City, Essex County, and Morris County. 

NJT and it's chapters share a set of values and understandings:

  • Power, the ability to act, is essential – in the form of dues paying member institutions that form the solid foundations for each organization

  • Ownership by trusted local leaders with followings is crucial

  • Listening to residents and creating strategies led by them are the starting points for most long-term campaigns

  • Doing a few things well at a time and delivering results that matter are keys to real, sustainable change and lasting impact

  • Support from local IAF organizers and IAF senior staff reinforces the time and energy invested by local leaders

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