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Help us Hold ModivCare Accountable!

Are you one of the thousands of New Jerseyans who have had bad experiences with ModivCare? Tell us your story by emailing or by leaving a message (with a call back number) at (201) 351-1658.

Help us hold the company accountable for their practices & improve this type of transportation across the state going forward.

UPDATE (October, 2023): Morris Area Together is continuing its work to address this issue. Leaders from Morris County have met with members from the NJ legislature in an effort to bring ModivCare back to the forefront. Leaders are also working to meet with the Department of Human Services, which is the department that is supposed to monitor the huge $180 million per year contract. Metro IAF, of which NJT is a subsidiary, has reached out to senior officials in the governor’s office, as well as other public officials.

Some history: In 2021 and 2022, faith and non-profit leaders with Morris Area Together listened to 2,400+ people. One of the top concerns raised by individuals was around support for individuals with mental health and substance use issues.

Specifically, we heard story after story about awful experiences with the State of New Jersey's Non-Emergency Medical Transportation provider, Modivcare (formerly Logisticare). There were stories of people missing appointments, being left outside for hours, being removed from publicly funded substance use treatment programs because of repeated tardiness, and more.

Since our launch in May 2021, Morris Area Together has continued its research and listening. 

We have now heard about hundreds of other stories – stories from healthcare providers, from non-profit organizations, from service users across the state – that reveal a company consistently failing to provide adequate services to some of New Jersey’s most vulnerable residents.


Here’s what we mean:

  • ModivCare’s self-reported data shows their drivers were more than 30 minutes late 400,000+ times in 2020 alone, out of about 2 million round trips;

  • The same data shows that New Jerseyans called ModivCare / Logistcare’s “Where’s My Ride” number – the number the company describes as who to call “if your ride is more than 15 minutes late” and “to complain about my ride or another part of my service” – more than 878,000 times (yet, the company only claims to have received ~8,690 complaints about lateness);

  • These numbers are backed up by the experiences of health care providers and non-profit organizations who have described allocating thousands of dollars each year to provide transportation for individuals because they do not trust ModivCare to provide individuals with the care they need and deserve;


  • They are also backed up by government auditors’ reports (federal and state) about ModivCare’s failures in New Jersey; these reports detail how independent follow up phone calls to service users revealed significant percentages experiencing lateness and other complaints.


These stories and numbers require action. Share your story by emailing

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