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JCT holds follow up action to address landlord intimidation, city appoints new housing director

In a follow up to Jersey City Together's May action focused on an unaccountable landlord's tactics and the conditions in his properties, JCT held a follow up action on the steps of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The action called out the continuation of Ehrman's tactics & asked Mayor Steven Fulop to report on his progress in reforming the way the city enforces tenants' rights in Jersey City. 

"In the last few weeks, immediately after our action, we've heard from a number of tenants that these tactics have only continued," the Rev. Tom Murphy said. "We've heard about the fear it has created."

The day after the action, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop announced the appointment of new leadership in the city's housing office. The city's new Director of Housing Preservation is Dinah Hendon, the current Executive Director of the Waterfront Project. The city has also appointed a new municipal prosecutor who has also been tasked with greater enforcement of the city's housing and rent control code. 

Read more in the Jersey Journal here:

Join us for an upcoming Tenants' Rights Training (conducted in partnership with the Waterfront Project & the City of Jersey City) nearby one day soon.

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