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Holland Gardens tenants demand action from Housing Authority

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Tonight, 30+ tenant leaders from Holland Gardens traveled to the Jersey City Housing Authority Board meeting to make a set of specific demands about the proposed development of their site.

Read their letter on our Facebook page, but their specific concerns were as follows:

(1) there must be more options for improvement/redevelopment than just a high rise that forces everyone out of the neighborhood all at once-- especially at a time when there are 9,000 units planned in the immediately surrounding area; the JCHA can & must do better if they care about what residents want;

(2) there has to be real action on the issues residents are facing now (as committed to in January) -- including addressing mold, putting working locks on doors, infestations, and more; and

(3) there must be a stronger & more enforceable "right to return" for those who chose to leave; there are best practices from other states & cities that can & should be implemented here.

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