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Gov Murphy & AG Grewal sign on to Do Not Stand Idly By campaign

Thank you to the 70+ leaders from Jersey City Together & New Jersey Together who joined us for a press conference announcing that New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has become the second governor (& 6th state) in the country to sign on to Metro IAF's Do Not Stand Idly By campaign. In addition, NJ Attorney General Gurbir Grewal made NJ the first state in the country to release crime gun data by manufacturer (something they plan to do on an ongoing basis).

As Rev. Perry shared during the press conference: "We're hopeful today because the campaign we're here to discuss -- Do Not Stand Idly By... is about using the public purchasing power of states, cities, and counties to demand action from one group that - so far - has not stepped up: gun manufacturers. These manufacturers have real power to act today to make cities like Jersey City, like Newark, like Paterson safer... and they're not... They can invest today in gun safety technologies that make us all safer. They can set higher standards today for bad apple gun dealers... They can take action today to encourage the use of gun locks that can prevent countless accidental shootings across the country. And even though they're not acting yet, we're here today to demand they step up."

Press coverage here.

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