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City Council decides not to fund Jersey City Public Schools for 2019-2020

After a series of actions at Jersey City Municipal Council meetings led by Jersey City Together & parent leaders, including one with more than 100+ parents, the Jersey City Municipal Council decided not to include funding for Jersey City Public Schools as part of their budget.

Jersey City Together had been pressing for the City Council to include $16 million in their budget for the schools next year. This would have helped stave off some of the cuts to support staff, assistant principals, and more in the schools. It would have also moved the district closer to being fully funded. (Jersey City Public Schools are underfunded by more than $100 million each year.)

However, nearly all the members of the Jersey City City Council have said that next year will be different, particularly if the budget process begins earlier and there is an opportunity to better coordinate between the city council and the Jersey City Board of Education.

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