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200+ launch education campaign in JC

Tonight, 210+ parent, student, and faith leaders gathered for an action with Interim Superintendent Franklin Walker & School Board President Sudhan Thomas.

It was a start. We heard stories from parents and students about the conditions of our schools and the impact of underfunding that is impacting students today. We taught the scale of the underfunding crisis in our schools -- $100 million underfunded today, $150 million more about to be lost, and potentially a $120 million deficit in next year's budget.

In the face of this crisis, we demanded more for our children. More leadership, more funding, and more dignity -- particularly as it relates to this year's budget, special education, water, and concrete investments in students.

While we heard commitments & a "yes" to all our questions, we now face the task of holding our elected and public officials accountable. We cannot be silent or apathetic in the face of this crisis. We cannot have "a failure of nerve."

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