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JCT works with parent allies to mobilize 100+ for education funding at City Council meeting

Good news from tonight's city council meeting, as the City Council took a significant step to fund Jersey City schools at a time when they are facing a budget crisis. It unanimously passed a payroll tax designed to benefit the city's public schools.

In the run up to the night's event, Jersey City Together had listened to more than 300 parents across the district about the issues affecting their children. Jersey City Together worked with parent leaders and other allies to mobilize more than 100 people to attend tonight's City Council meeting.

Leaders told stories about the concrete impact of underfunding on the city's schools, and the importance of action to address these concerns.

Jersey City schools are currently underfunded by more than $100 million per year. Recent state actions will result in an additional $170 million to be cut per year (over the next 7 years). The payroll tax has the potential to produce $65-80 million per year for Jersey City schools.

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