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non-partisan Board of Ed Candidate Questionnaire


Jersey City Together is a broad-based, non-partisan organization of religious congregations, non-profits, parent organizations, and tenant groups working together to address issues in our city. We work on issues important to our members and our communities -- in particular issues related to housing affordability, education, public safety, and criminal justice.


We do not endorse candidates for office, but focus on listening to and training parents and other stakeholders from all backgrounds to work together around the issues they care about. Since re-organizing our education team in late 2017, we've listened to more than 500 parents in small gatherings across the city, and we plan to continue listening this school year.

For us, this work is incredibly important -- regardless of who wins elections. Don't just download the election questionnaire. Sign up to stay in touch & learn more. And - if you're interested - become a part of our team!  


This non-partisan candidate questionnaire was developed by the Jersey City Together Education Team.

It was sent out to all candidates running for the Jersey City Board of Education in 2019. It is strictly meant for informational purposes. We do not endorse candidates. We provided the following instructions for candidates:


Please complete the top informational section and answer the open-ended questions below. Please keep your answers to each of the questions to 100 words or fewer. Longer responses will be cut at the 100-word mark. Additionally, if you would like us to include a photo on your information sheet, please send the photo as a separate attachment on the email.


Jersey City Together is strictly non-partisan and does not endorse candidates for office.


In a few instances, candidates went beyond the 100 word limit. Where that was the case, we allowed them to finish their sentence. We then note on the answer if an answer was shortened.

We have compiled answers using the order in which candidates are placed on the ballot. The candidates for 3-year terms are first. The candidates for 1-year terms are second.


We have kept candidates responses on one page.

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