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Listed below are resources to help facilitate caregivers and advocates plug into Education Team advocacy. Some of these are “Google Docs” and clicking on the link will give you the ability to access and view the document. To copy, edit, and make each document your own, please SAVE A COPY to either your Google Drive or down to your local device. If you'd like to get involved or if you have questions, ideas, etc., email us at

Fully staff in every school, with mental health supports, and transparency on the investment. 

There are also upcoming public meetings about the budget. Your voices can help press for sustainable funding that allows us to address all the issues mentioned during our March 7 action.

  • TELL US YOUR “WHY!” Email Action Letter

Send the superintendent of schools and BOE Trustees an email before May! We’ve created a template where you can add your own reason for wanting sustainable funding for our schools. Does your child have additional needs that are not being met, do they wish they could play an instrument, does the school have leaks when it rains, is the class size too big? Fill in this template with your “why” for sustainable funding for schools here and send it to Dr. Fernandez and the BOE Trustees.


Call into a BOE meeting and lend your thoughts during public comment. We’ve created a templated script that you can use...or edit to help make it your own! Read it here.

Want to help spread the info about budget hearings with friends, neighbors, and community members?  Here is an infographic that lays it out. Download and share via email, text, or social media!

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